The wallup display system

Would you like to have attractive and successful product or corporate presentations in no time at all? No problem with the clever wallup display system.

Specially tailored to the OCTANORM® system and unlike upper or lower frames, it is installed in a jiffy. Your prints are protected and stored economically in the housing and the graphic sheet can be easily replaced.

wallup is a durable, stable and high-quality product. Unlike the PVC panels usually used at trade fairs, our system is more ecological over the long term. 

The wallup display system is manufactured in Germany.


Technical information and prices



Wallup Kassette


Item No. wallup name/size Net prices
1001 wallup standard 95 cm wide 199.00 euro
1002 wallup big 136 cm wide 269.00 euro
1003 wallup medium 66 cm wide 139.00 euro
1004 wallup for OCTAquick 92 cm wide 199.00 euro
1005 Special size 66 to 150 cm wide On request
1006 wallup for EXPOMADE 93.5 cm wide 199.00 euro
1007 wallup large 150 cm wide 279.00 euro 
1008 wallup mini 45 cm wide 129.00 euro 
1011 wallup with color wrapping ECO to HIGH On request 


All wallup-cassettes are delivered in the cardboard.
The carrying bags are not included in the price (see "spare parts and accessories").

All prices subject to shipping and statutory VAT.
2-year guarantee when applied as designated.


In a jiffy

That's how fast installation is in the OCTANORM® system.


Ruckzuck 01 Ruckzuck 02 Ruckzuck 03 Ruckzuck 04
Use the wallup system instead of the upper frame. Pull out the presentation sheet and suspend it from the lower frame. Insert a halogen spot with adapter in the groove. Dismantling: detach from the lower frame. The wallup rolls up automatically. Pack and store for the next time.